A person starting a business on their laptopIf you’re looking to start a new business online then there are quite a few ways you can go about it.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of businesses you can start, and you don’t even need to have your own product.

If you’re new to working online then some business models are definitely easier to start than others. Some of the methods in this list can be a side-hustle, or a fully-fledged business.

Top Ways For Beginners To Get Started Building a Business Online

Here are some great ways to make money online and start a new business if you are a beginner when it comes to working on the internet.


Buying and selling domain names is a quick and cheap way to make money online from home. Domain names are like virtual real estate, they can be bought and then sold on immediately for profit. Like buying a house to fix up and sell on, you can buy a domain name and either sell it straight away for a profit or you can spend a bit of time driving traffic to it and sell it on for considerably more than you paid for it.

Some Strategies To Sell Your Domain Names:

Quite often you can buy a domain name for a few dollars and sell them straight away for ten times what you paid or more if you have done your research and bought valuable ones.

Register them on GoDaddy auctions or put them up for sale at Sedo.com
Buy 10 domain names withing the same niche. Make sure you follow the above buying criteria. You will buy them for a few dollars each and put them together as a package. Go onto an internet marketing marketing forum, such as the Warrior Forum and offer them as a package for $150. Make sure you take screen shots of the monthly searches and the competition of the domain to back up your sale and to prove their value

Provide Services

Provide services for people if you have the skills is another great way to make money online from home. If you don’t have the skills, you can quickly and easily learn some simple one, just do a search on Google or YouTube. Skills such as logo, banner or ebook cover designing, web design, website building, document translation, artistic design, help with social media etc, are examples of services that you could sell online for some quick money.

Strategies For Promoting Your Services:

Do the work yourself. Promote your talents on websites like fiverr.com
Set up a basic website offering a service, for example web design. Go to oDesk.com and employ someone to work for you and outsource the work to them. Some people in other countries offer to work for you full time for $300 per month. This is the going rate, $800 is top end. Make sure you look after your virtual assistants well and give them bonuses occasionally for good work and they will look after you.

Amazon Review Site

amazon1This is becoming an increasingly popular way to make money online from home. Open an Amazon Associates account, load the aStore onto your WordPress website and create your own Amazon shop selling Amazon products. Amazon will give you up to 15 % commission for each product you sell. Just make sure you get your own web hosting from somewhere like Hostgator and don’t use any free hosting as most of the free hosting sites (if not all) do not allow you to monetize.


Selling on Ebay can be fun but it is time consuming and generally I think now it is unlikely to make you very wealthy but it can certainly subsidize your income quite nicely. Many people use this method to make money online from home selling their unwanted stuff or even going to auctions, car boot sales and charity shops n search for things to sell on ebay. If you really want to put your time into it you can even make a full time living from Ebay, but bear in mind you will be tied to it.

Affiliate Marketing

ClickBankAffiliate marketing is great! You can run the business yourself, it can be on auto-pilot once it’s established and you can make money online from home doing it. The best ways to do affiliate marketing is through blogging and/or list marketing. I would strongly recommend doing both, but list marketing is essential to any online business! It does take time to set up but the rewards are well worth it once it is done properly. Set up a landing page with a free offer to collect peoples email addresses. Have a sales funnel set up with AWeber connected to your landing page. Put an optin box on your blog and promote affiliate links and banners there also but don’t over do it!

Create Digital Products

Make your own digital products such as e-books, dvd or audio courses, software etc. Put them on platforms such as Clickbank.com, DigiResults.com, CommissionJunction.com etc, and encourage affiliates to promote them for you. You will have to offer the affiliates a high percentage for doing the promotional work, around 50-75% of each sale but with many affiliates promoting your products, you stand to make a lot of money! This will also be another passive income stream for you once you have done the work to create the product and recruit the affiliates.

Sell Ad Space

G AdsenseIf you have a website or blog and you have quite a nice flow of steady traffic coming to it then it may be worth your while selling ad space to interested parties within your niche. You may also want to consider Adsense.

CPA Marketing

Basically, you work as a traffic broker, sending people to pages asking the visitors to complete a particular action. The action may be clicking a link, filling out a form etc. The CPA network you are working with will pay you a commission of around $1.50 for each action completed. However, some offers that require the visitor to fill out a lot more info and provide an up front shipping payment to receive a free product may pay out quite a bit more. Now $1.50 doesn’t sound like much but you can actually make a full time income from this method alone and more!

Some CPA networks include:

  • PeerFly
  • MaxBounty
  • Affiliate Venture Group
  • Incent.ly
  • AdsendMedia
  • Clickbooth

Sell Your Photos and Videos

Sign up to istockphoto.com as a contributor and upload your best photos. If they are good quality or help to convey a metaphor that can be used by journalists, web designers, teachers etc, then people will be willing to pay for them.

Go onto istockphoto and read their terms and conditions and their points on what they are and are not looking for. Once you’ve uploaded your photos this can be a nice steady stream of passive income for you if they are popular. Another great way to make money online from home!

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